Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In The Wilderness

Deuteronomy 11.5
how GOD took care of you in the wilderness up until the time you arrived
oh God, our father, our everything, jesus our saviour, your presence is always with us - how you took care of us in our dry land, in our barren wilderness - all this time, whether we were being pursued with our energy drained on all sides, or we are seemingly being left and attacked alone in difficulty, you took care of us, amazing, amazing care of us in our wilderness up until your promise came, up until we got to your promised land, up until our trials and difficulties ended - because that's how they are, they never run endless, they don't last forever, all our difficulties will come to an end, and you made sure of that, lord, you made sure that we always have a sure hope to hold on to, your promise, your word, your presence, who you are. thank you so so much, how we love you. thank you for loving us.

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