Saturday, October 26, 2013

Look at You!

Deuteronomy 10.22
now look at you--you look more like the stars in the night skies in number. And your GOD did it.
how you have multiplied us, lord, how you have made us fruitful, how you have established us and made us grow and prosperous and well-provided for! how else could our life be without you? we literally will never have a life without you, jesus! God how you made us rise above our situations, how you made us defeat our challenges and turned them not just into something beautiful, but the most perfect best! thank you for increasing our capacity beyond imaginable, for increasing us beyond our boundaries and just always gracing us to keep constantly going higher and higher and more and more like how you want us to be every single day! you did it, lord, YOU DID IT! praise you, praise you God for being you, the one who made us more like the stars in the night - well-flourishing in you.

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