Thursday, October 31, 2013

Your Eyes

Deuteronomy 11.7
Yes, it was you--your eyes--that saw every great thing that GOD did.
you yourself have seen the goodness of God, your very own eyes have witnessed every great thing that he has done - and that's what they really are, every single one of them, good! great! nothing but the best! praise God for this chance to see it all in your lifetime, for this grace to see it yourself, such a huge overflowing bonus from seeing everything that he has already done in the past as documented in his word. he has appeared to you in your life, circumstances, situations - in your everything, gracious enough to encourage you and fill your soul up with the real deal, straight from him, not just second hand experiences, but first hand encounters with the ever-generous and ever-present God. be filled with joy, hope, security, praise, love and gratitude for it was you, yourself, your very own eyes, that saw every great thing that GOD did!

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