Monday, October 07, 2013

We Your People

Deuteronomy 9.26
Your people, your inheritance whom, in your immense generosity, you redeemed, using your enormous strength to get them out of Egypt.
thank you God that you never forget who you made us to be, you never forget our identity in you, you never look at who we are apart from you, you always see us in the only perspective that matters - the perspective of your wonderful plans, who you are and what you do! blessings upon blessings be upon you as you shower your heart to us, your people, you chose us not because of anything good in us but because of everything good in you! we are your inheritance, the beloved ones you redeemed in your deep and great generosity, you used your strength and power to victoriously get us out of our past lives and you gave us brand new lives with a direction, a clear path towards you and the beauty of all you are. thank you lord, praise you always!

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