Thursday, October 17, 2013

Physical Property

Deuteronomy 10.14
the Earth, and everything on it is GOD's
the whole physical realm is yours, lord, no sickness, no physical challenge could ever be greater, more powerful than you, because you own them all! no disease, no illness, no dysfunction in all humanity - in the body or in relationships - could ever trump you, God, because you own the very realm in which they exist! that's how encompassing and powerful you are, and you are amazing, you are in control, you are unstoppable, forever progressing, cutting through stubborn flesh and establishing your victory and your presence every single time! undefeated, king of the ring, highest battler with the highest honours, and no physical entity - from human authority to physical frailty - all bow down to you, whatever that has a name is lower than the name above all names! and yes, even in the physical. amen!

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