Monday, October 14, 2013

The Good Life

Deuteronomy 10.13
Obey GOD -- live a good life.
yes lord, this is how we live a good life - when we follow you and obey what you say, when we live the life you have so wonderfully prepared for us the way you want us to live it. you know best, and with you there is never a miss, always a perfect hit, right on target, on time, and on purpose. lord we dedicate our hearts to you, we take your word seriously, we set our feet on your path, we will not take your commands for granted, because we know that they are our guiding light. your presence is always with us, your grace is always empowering us to obey you. all we need to do is to make the decision and set our course on your path, have a heart that's devoted to you, for you are not after perfection, but after devotion. we will obey you lord, this is how we live a good life.

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