Friday, October 25, 2013

Tremendous, Staggering

Deuteronomy 10.21
He did all these tremendous, these staggering things that you saw with your own eyes.
praise you lord! you are our praise! you are our God! thank you, thank you, thank you, our hearts are full of overwhelming gratitude, for all you've done, for all these tremendous, staggering things - unbelievable, all from impossibility! you made all things possible from the impossible! nothing ever got the best of you, everything you did you did beautifully, and they are not just great, they are the grandest! more than the deepest desires of our hearts, more than what we could ever conceive of or ask from you, and the best part is, we saw them all with our own eyes! not just some second-hand experience which are also great, but you touched our lives and everyone around us first-hand! thank you, thank you lord, who else could we look to besides you?

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