Thursday, October 24, 2013

You Are My Praise

Deuteronomy 10.21
He's your praise! He's your God!
amen, lord! jesus you are our praise! you are our God! oh father how you have written what's wonderful and beautiful and perfect for you and for us all! we will never run out of things to praise you for, we will never run out of things to thank you for, because you yourself are our praise! you yourself are the very reason why we can praise you - more than what you do, more than the things you do, is who you are, the things you are! thank praise you for being sovereign, in perfect control. praise you for being loving, in perfect compassion. praise you for being just, in perfect judgment. thank you for being timely, in perfect Godhood. thank you for being wise, in perfect decision-making. you are more than anything and anyone the world has ever seen or will ever see. praise you God!

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