Thursday, October 10, 2013

You Are There

Deuteronomy 10.1
Climb the mountain and meet me.
what a God! yes lord, i will climb whatever mountain there is - the greater the opposition, the greater i will rush to the top, because there i will meet you! when everything else seems like a storm and hope and faith are seemingly running out, i will keep going, i will hold on and keep pushing all the more to get to the summit, the toughest part of the challenge, because you are right there - on top of everything, in control of everything, and you have made sure i will not be drowned by the waters, i will not be blown away by the winds, the crows that keep pecking at me will never so much as harm me, because you are there right on top of my mountain. you are bigger than the mountain, and in your presence the mountain is a valley of rest, of peace, of security. your work, your truth, your identity. thank you lord, praise you!

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