Friday, October 04, 2013

A New Start

Deuteronomy 9.14
I'll start over with you to make a nation far better and bigger than they could ever be.
thank you lord for choosing me not because of who i am but because of who you are. thank you for choosing to accomplish your mighty good deeds, your powerful promises, for choosing to carry out your perfect plans with me involved, me being a part of your goodness, thank you lord! i am forever grateful, i am forever indebted to you, thank you jesus for restoring my relationship with you, for always staying with me, for never letting me go. thank you that your work is always to redeem, always to make more beautiful, always to recreate and expand and make even more fruitful and better than anything that's ever come before! thank you that especially with the work of the enemy you just plain top it with your work! making even the biggest harm the most beautiful good! i love you lord.

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