Monday, October 28, 2013


Deuteronomy 11.2
marvel at his greatness, the way he displayed his power in the miracle-signs and deeds
oh God, we love you, we will guard well our word - what you say, your rules and regulations; we will obey your commandments for the rest of time. we are the ones who are front and centre, you let us in on what you did, we saw your acts, we experienced your discipline, and we marvel at your greatness! at the way you displayed your power in the miracle-signs and deeds you let loose in our land of oppression, on its leader and all his land - how you have defeated our enemy, lord jesus! how you have mightily saved us and from our past, how your work continues on in the present and our future, how it simply renders and work of the enemy powerless because of what you'done in great power and love! praise you, praise you, praise you, thank you God! forever and ever.

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