Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Still Standing

Deuteronomy 11.4
And you're standing here today alive.
yes God! we're still standing, we're still alive! we're never run down, we're strong, we're graced, we're protected, we have LIFE! fresh from the battleground, having escaped the enemy's hot pursuit by a thread, by a mile, whatever - we're alive in you and because of you! and not just barely surviving, no, we're standing strong! outrun, outwit, outlast - that's what you did for us, you took us all the way to the home stretch, and you made sure that we made it through the fire unharmed, unscathed, unblemished, wow God! wow! what a mighty God you are! the harder the enemy tried to pounce at us, the stronger your deliverance was, and the greater our victory in you! praise you, praise you, praise you - yes, that's what we will do - praise you! the reason why we stand is to praise you, God, praise you!

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