Sunday, October 27, 2013

As They Pursued You

Deuteronomy 11.4
marvel at the way he took care of your enemy, its army, its horses and chariots, burying them in the waters of the Red Sea as they pursued you. GOD drowned them.
oh God, how you have dealt with our enemy - not flesh and blood, but the principalities and self-proclaimed powers running against you! how you have taken care of them - their army, their horses and chariots, their strongholds, their strategies, their fiery darts and arrows - you buried them all! buried! in deep water, in the deepest part of the sea - the very sea where they pursued us! and not only that, but you buried them, you defeated them as they were pursuing us! you drowned them as they were in hot pursuit, as they were in full force with their attack, in full strength, when they thought they had it all, when they thought they had everything figured out with nothing but destruction in their mind, you came against them and simply drowned them for our sake! what marvelous deliverance! what mighty God you are! never toppled by anyone at all!

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