Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hold Tight

Deuteronomy 10.20
Hold tight to God.
oh yes lord, we will most definitely hold tight to you, we will not let go of you, by your grace we will persevere, we will trust you with the outcome more than wanting to be saved from what's difficult right now. you are our one true hope, you are our one true deliverance, you are our one true protection, life, devotion, direction, salvation, provision - everything! you are our source, our journey, our destination. we will hold on to your ways, we will love on you, we will hold on to your word and what you say, we will not lose sight of your direction and vision for us, we will not shut you out of our mind, ears, heart, soul, we will be fully attentive and sensitive to you and make sure nothing gets in the way to dull us and prevent us from hearing from you. we will hold tight to you!

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