Thursday, October 03, 2013

In A Heartbeat

Deuteronomy 9.12
In almost no time at all they have left the road that I laid out for them and gone off and made for themselves a cast god.
oh God may i never do this, may i never stray, may my heart never wander away from you! may i never be too sure of myself, because i am one decision away, i am one lie away from your truth, i am one step away from stupid - if i don't rely on you daily, if i don't depend on your unlimited grace everyday for every decision, to discern the works of the enemy, for every choice, for every person i go with, for every though i subscribe to, for every activity i do, for every direction i take - if i don't look to you first i will surely fall away. thank you holy spirit for sustaining me, for always talking to my heart, may i never shut my ears to you, may i always yield my mind to you, may i always take every thought captive to your word, to your lordship, so i don't cast for myself someone and something other than you.

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