Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spiritual Property

Deuteronomy 10.14
the heavens above and beyond is GOD's
the whole spiritual realm is yours, lord. no principality, no power is higher than you. no spiritual force could ever challenge your authority and Godhood, because you own them all! you made them all, you created them all, and the created could never be greater than the creator! nothing escapes your eye, no one misses your heartbeat - all the highest mountains trying to reach the sky and tower above us, all the highest aspirations and hopes and dreams and spiritual encounters and kingdoms and forces - all of these are subject to you, because you own them all, and you wield them all, without effort, by your word, you subdue everything, you make everything grow and flourish beautifully, you redeem everything - good or bad - and make them the best. praise you in the highest heavens, God!

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