Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stay On The Mountain

Deuteronomy 10.10
I stayed there on the mountain.
may i use your grace to stay with you, lord, thank you for your grace that lets me stay with you no matter what, yes, even on the mountain itself, to stay with you and keep listening to you and never give up and never let go. just as you have been faithful to me, doing all that you have done in the past in full might, power and love, i will stay faithful to you, getting better at loving you and trusting you knowing how you have never failed in the past and that is not about to change anytime soon! thank you lord for giving me the ability to keep following you, to keep trusting you no matter what, for being the one who works in me, for being the one who keeps me in your hands. let me stay with you in the valley, on the mountain and everywhere else in between. i love you lord.

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