Friday, November 01, 2013

Keep-It Strength

Deuteronomy 11.8
keep it so that you'll have strength
yes, keep all the commands he has so carefully laid out, follow him, keep his word in your heart, in your mind - not about perfection, but about trust that jesus has completed everything for you, and has graced you to do the exact same thing - to love him and follow him all the rest of your life. this is how you have strength, this is how you can face whatever comes your way, this is how you don't let go, this is how he equips you with patience, with love, with understanding, with wisdom, justice and the courage to get down on your knees in prayer so you'll stay standing through everything life throws at you! keep your devotion to him so you'll have strength. the weaker you feel, the more you hold on to him, because that's how you get stronger, stronger, stronger!

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