Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On His Part

Deuteronomy 11.23
GOD on his part will drive out all that stand in your way.
oh God how you stand true to your covenant to those who call you their master! when we put you first, keep your word in our live and obey you wholeheartedly, you unfalteringly do your own part to make sure that only your best plans happen! when the best happens for you, the best happens for us - that's how perfect you are, how perfect your plans are! you always stand true to your part, you never fall short, you are never misleading, never deceptive, always comes through every single step of the way, true to every single word you say, that you will drive out all that stand in our way, in the way of your best plan for us, nothing will ever shake your promises, nothing will ever disturb them, nothing will ever get in their way, we are safe, secure and sure in them in you.

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