Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's His Party

Deuteronomy 11.12
It's a land that GOD, your God, personally tends--he's the gardener--he alone keeps his eye on it all year long
thank you lord for this new life that you have brought us to, that you have bought us with your own life into - a life where everything we do and everything we are proceeds from you, happens through you, and bears fruit in you! a land that you personally tend, a life of fruitfulness in a land where you are the gardener, where we are guaranteed of fruit, of provision, where our efforts will not be wasted as we obey you, where our investments will yield your best, because you are the one who makes everything happen. a life of full dependence on you to make our exploits successful, a life of total reliance on your will, your direction, your provision, and complete trust in the truth that you are good, and your promises are perfect, and your word always trumps everything and everyone else that goes against you! praise you lord!

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