Friday, November 08, 2013

Overflowingly Generous

Deuteronomy 11.15
You'll have plenty to eat.
thank you God for taking great care of the provision of your children! thank you that those who trust in you, those who look to you for the fruit of their labour, those who acknowledge that whatever their hands do is futile without you blessing it - they will have plenty to eat! they will be an overflowing source of blessing not just to the people they care for but to everyone around them and beyond! they will be mighty channels of blessing flowing from you all because they trust you with their being, their existence, their provision, their fruitfulness! they trust you that the work you have entrusted to them and gifted and and talented them with will yield a harvest, will yield a sure and secure harvest that can never be stolen by the enemy and will all go to your purposes for them and who you've written their lives with!

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