Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Deuteronomy 11.24
Your border will stretch from the wilderness to the mountains, from the river to the sea
what capacity, what grace, what provision comes when we trust in you, when we follow you, when we have you as our lord, saviour, master, God! our borders will stretch from the depths of our wilderness to the height of our mountains, from the narrow width of our rivers to the wide expanse of our seas - all the highs and lows of our lives are all redeemed and used by you to keep enlarging our borders, to keep expanding our territory, to keep raising our limits, to keep overcoming our limitations, to keep giving us a higher and higher life - when we look back we will never believe how far you've brought us, how far we've come because of you, and we will definitely, definitely not have anything any other way. oh how great you are, God, how wondrous, how marvelous!

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