Saturday, November 09, 2013

Graced to be Vigilant

Deuteronomy 11.16
But be vigilant, lest you be seduced away and end up serving and worshiping other gods
yes God, we will, by your grace, stick to you and you alone. by your capacity, we will hold on to you and you alone, by your enablement we will not let go of you, we will set you high above everyone and everything else from our hearts right down to everyone around us! we will bless you, and we will keep you in highest regards, more than our self, our comfort, more than what we think we are entitled to. we will truly carve into our hearts that there is no one higher than you, there can be no one higher than you, never has been, never will be. we will live in this world of your word and move on this earth with you as our only focus. we will use our every ounce of strength in you to make sure that we are vigilant, and keep the important things important, and not get distracted by anything that takes our eyes off of you.

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