Monday, November 18, 2013

Bigger and Stronger

Deuteronomy 11.23
Yes, he'll drive out nations much bigger and stronger than you.
no enemy is too strong for you, God, no obstacle too tough, no mountain too high, no valley to low, no principality or spiritual forces too powerful for you, nothing will ever ever overwhelm you, lord, when we follow you and have you as our master you will drive out nations much bigger and stronger than us for your way to prevail, for your best to happen, for your promise to be kept, for your word to be made and established once again, truly if you are for us who can be against us? you have already won your fight, and nothing will ever change your victory. praise you for your strength, for your identity, for your history, and for your eternity! nothing will ever be bigger than you, nothing will ever be stronger than you, and you drive them all out of our way, no matter how they try to overwhelm us!

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