Saturday, November 02, 2013

Full Life

Deuteronomy 11.9
Your obedience will give you a long life on the soil that GOD promised to give your ancestors and their children
when you keep him on top of everything, when he is first and foremost, when you value his word above all else in your heart, your thoughts, your life, your everything - THIS is what will give you a long life, and not just any "long life", but a long life that is fruitful in the promises he has made to you and all those who have gone before you! every single one of those promises are yours, and are passed down to the generations coming after you who will also keep him as their one true master! praise him for such grand design, such grand faithfulness, such true tenacity to keep his word, such security that you can never find elsewhere. as you move in the expansive world he has created for you, never limited by the world's possibilities, watch him keep his word and write your life ever so wonderfully with it!

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