Saturday, November 16, 2013


Deuteronomy 11.21
on the soil that GOD promised to give your ancestors for as long as there is a sky over the Earth
thank you lord that the life you settle us on is never uncertain, from our spiritual foundation, stability and security in you and what you did, right down to our physical provision, fruitfulness and abundance, and even with our capacity and generosity. you have promised, you sent your word, and it never comes back to you empty, for as long you hold the earth in your hands, for as long you breathe your life into us all and beyond, for as long as eternity and a day, your promises will forever hold true, and we will always be provided for, we will always be capacitated, we will always have you to look to, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and beyond! oh how you deserve all praise, glory and honor, God! thank you for what you have done, who you are, and what you keep doing. we love you.

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