Sunday, November 03, 2013

Full House

Deuteronomy 11.9
a land flowing with milk and honey
oh God, when you make a promise, it's abundant. it's overflowing and never-ending. and it's complete, well-thought-out, perfect complements to each other all of them, always beautiful, always timely, always perfect, always true, always sure, always coming for real. we can be secure in you, we can lay our life on the line for your promises and be 100% sure that you will never fail us. when you make a promise it's always wonderful, and at times may not be what we seem to think, seem to know is best, but it always IS the best, and it always comes with the grace for us to see it the way you do - beautiful, complete, perfect, true, and exactly what we need and generously more! when you promise, we will never have it any other way. that's the kind of God you are!

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