Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Think God.

Deuteronomy 8.18
think again. GOD, your God, gave you strength.
thank you God that you are our beginning, our everything, our sustenance, and our future. thank you lord that you did everything. all we have, all we had, all we will ever have, all we are, you did all by yourself! you are rich, it is all yours! you gave us the strength and graced us with the capacity to be who we are right now, where we are right now. all of these things, all of our relationships, all of the fruitfulness of our hands, the ideas, the creativity, the opportunities, the decisions, the provision, the abilities, talents and giftings - all of them came from you, orchestrated beautifully according to your perfect plan, even supernatural and divine appointments - none of these would ever be, none of these would ever happen without you. this is real humility, lord, taking pride in what you do, who you are, and knowing full well who all the credit really goes to.

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