Saturday, September 28, 2013


Deuteronomy 9.2
you're heard all about them, you've heard the saying, "No one can stand up to them."
oh i know them so well, to the point that i mistakenly know more about my enemies, my struggles, my problems than you, God! i have become such an expert at defaulting to characterizing how bad my situations are, or how impossible circumstances are, or even if i do acknowledge that you are bigger than them all i still impulsively see with myopic eyes, vision below the waterline, and keep going back to uncertainty and unease. but this word from you changes all that - yes, i have heard about all them my gigantic foes, i've heard everyone around me and even my thoughts tell me no one can stand up to them, and i don't deny that, I can't, but YOU can! YOU CAN, JESUS! whoever they are, whatever they are called, YOU, JESUS, are indescribably way beyond them and more! i will teach my ears to hear more about you! i will tune myself to what YOU say more than what the world says, because what you said is, "I, GOD, your God, can stand up to them!"

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