Friday, September 27, 2013


Deuteronomy 9.1
Attention! This very day you are crossing to enter the land and dispossess nations much bigger and stronger than you are.
my soul stands at attention, lord! my heart stands at attention! thank you that nothing interrupts your perfect plan, thank you that you refine me along the way as you continually, surely, securely work out the best of the best of your will, your vision, your direction, your future. thank you for gracing me with whatever i need to do, that i have been forgiven of my past, and because of that i have hope for the future, and i can get to my future in you because i have no more condemnation in my present all because of you, jesus! thank you that you alone are my master, i won't take up with any other gods and spell my own destruction, but i'll stick with you, you alone, because i know your plans are perfect for me, and this very day you are making it happen, conquering all obstacles, no matter how much bigger and stronger they are than me - people, mindsets, circumstances, even physical and spiritual forces - they're no match for you!

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