Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Every Means All

Romans 11.34
Everything comes from him; Everything happens through him; Everything ends up in him.

thank you lord! for a simple yet very powerful assurance of our life in you! nothing will happen without you. nothing will come about without you, and nothing will end without you! everything comes from you! our complete healing, our strong family led towards your direction, our flourishing relationships, secure finances and provisions, our direction and blessings, our purpose and destiny - EVERYTHING - WILL COME ABOUT FROM YOU! it is God who will MAKE ALL THESE HAPPEN, and make sure that IT WILL ALL END UP IN HIM! amen! we are not the ones running our lives, but YOU, lord! no more burdens, no more anxieties, no more worries, BECAUSE IT'S NOT US WHO WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! BUT YOU!! amen amen amen! thank you lord, WE ARE NOT PULLING ANYTHING OFF, YOU ARE! WE DO NOT CAUSE ANYTHING TO COME ABOUT, YOU DO!


Anonymous said...

In Christ, nothing happens to us. But everything happens FOR us.

Rom said...


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