Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lifetime Guarantee

Romans 11.29
God's gifts and God's call are under full warranty -- never cancelled, never rescinded.

amen! amen amen amen!!! the promise of God is under full warranty - never expires! his promise of protection against all plans and attacks of the enemy to your health, soul, finances, relationships; his promise of joy, love, peace, health, strength, prosperity and fruitfulness; his promise of you and your WHOLE family being healthily planted in a loving community of believers that is the church and flourishing there and developing not just themselves but looking out to others and developing them too; his promise of putting new flesh to your body, renewal and rejuvenation of your healthy cells and triumphant victory over deceiving sicknesses; his promise of distilling your mind as you submit it to him to get rid of all ungodly thoughts of fear, doubt, unbelief and insecurity - all his promises will never expire, they're perpetual and fully guaranteed to work and persist! you can count on that down to your core and very soul. amen!!

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