Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hebrews 12.5
Don't forget how good parents treat children. God is treating you as dear children.
what an encouragement! if good parents treat their children in love, how much more God will treat us? thank you, God, we will not feel sorry for ourselves! we will not shrug off your discipline, but we will not be crushed by it either! it's the child you love that you discipline, the child you embrace you also correct. you are educating us, that's why WE MUST NEVER DROP OUT. you are doing WHAT IS BEST FOR US! amen amen amen! you are training us to live your holy best! thank you lord we can look forward to WHAT YOUR WORD SAID, because YOU SAID SO, and WE WILL NEVER DROP THE PROMISES THAT YOU YOURSELF KEEP HOLDING UP! we will TAKE HOLD OF THEM and SPEAK THEM OVER OUR LIVES! we are prosperous, loved, and in the right! we are strong, wise and provided for! we are protected, and we will never be DEFEATED because GOD HAS WON THE VICTORY! let's altogether live it!

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