Sunday, December 18, 2011

Worth Living

Hebrews 11.1
This trust in God is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living.
yes lord! this is our fundamental fact of existence! our trust in you IS OUR HANDLE ON WHAT WE CAN'T SEE! our act of faith is what will distinguish us and set us above the crowd! by faith, you call our world, our circumstances into existence! NOTHING IS BY CHANCE! it's what we BELIEVE, not what we BRING to you that makes the difference! thank you lord, that YOU EXIST and YOU CARE ENOUGH TO RESPOND when we seek you! thank you lord that you are personal in our family, finances, provision, strength, wisdom, career and all, but most important of all, YOU ARE PERSONAL IN HOW YOU RULE AND REIGN OVER US and our EVERYTHING! our circumstances, our situations - THEY DO NOT DICTATE US, YOU DICTATE THEM!

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