Thursday, December 29, 2011

For Him

Hebrews 13.20
God puts you together and makes all things whole.
amen amen amen! whole, complete, not lacking anything! from joy, hope, love and peace to protection, strength and encouragement, you are indestructible because of jesus! thank you lord, for you out not just us, but ALL THINGS together! you make all things WHOLE! you make us healthy inside and out, and we can truly RELAX with what we have - we can stop being ANXIOUS about EVERYTHING, because you PROVIDE! you provide strength, health, finances, PROTECTION - we are so coddled, lord! thank you for we are fully equipped to hear and do what you want us to! you provide us with everything we need to please you, you make us into what gives you the most pleasure (v.21)!

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