Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Far, Far Better

Hebrews 8.6
Jesus is working from a far better plan.
amen amen!! thank you again, lord, for solidifying this word in our hearts once and for all! you are writing out your plan in us, carving it on the lining of our hearts - that you'll be our God, and we will be your people! we will never be without wisdom and guidance again, because we will never be without YOU again! we will all get to know you firsthand, in our little and big circumstances, situations, concerns, joys and celebrations, the small and great events, the highs, the lows, through it all we will get to know you! we will get to know you by being KINDLY FORGIVEN with the slate of our sins forever wiped clean! (vv. 10-13) we trust you and we can always look back to this word and the countless times you came through whenever we will need it again in the future!

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