Saturday, February 25, 2012


1 John 2.10
It's the person who does what God says who dwells in His light and doesn't block the light from others.
what twofold BLESSING we get from keeping God's commands! when we CHOOSE to stay IN THE RIGHT, what we CHOOSE to do AS HE SAID, we 1. DWELL IN HIS LIGHT and 2. we DON'T BLOCK THE LIGHT FROM OTHERS! amen amen amen! as we obey God, we get the full benefit and protection of his presence, because we dwell WITH HIM! he FULLY COVERS US! and the second thing is we know EVERYONE RELATED TO US IS ALSO FULLY COVERED! from our families, children, friends, the people we do life with, we LET THE LIGHT OF GOD SHINE ON THEM! thank you lord, what great great things you have in store for us because we HONOR and PUT YOU FIRST in our hearts! thank you God, THIS is what's being in the CENTER of YOUR WILL IS!

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