Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mighty and Wondrous

Revelation 15:3
Mighty your acts and marvelous, O God!
amen amen! what God you are, o lord! sovereign, strong, secure, we can hope on you, the whole world moves at the blink of your word! what you do in and around us cannot even be properly put to words! blessed, blessed be your name! wonderful are your acts! highly unthinkable, very improbable, always above what we think is best! oh God we wilk never have anything any other way! thank you for our hearts you've touched, our live you've made whole, our situations you've redeemed, our ups and downs you've used altogether for greatness! where would we be without you lord? who would we be without you? what would we be without you? but with you we are graced with your best! what mighty acts lord that only you can do! be praised God, be BIG, be YOU!

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