Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Right On!

Revelation 15.4
Righteous your ways and true, King of the nations! Who can fail to fear you, God, give glory to your Name?
amen amen amen! what you do is RIGHT! what you do is TRUE! your faithfulness is true! your lordship is right! it's the one and only thing we need! thank you lord that our healing is true! our protection is right! thank you lord that our salvation is true! thank you lord that everything you SAID is RIGHT and TRUE, and YOU DO THEM ALL! we can count on you. thank you lord our SECURITY is true! our hope in you, our life, victory, joy, happy ending - they're all TRUE IN YOU! because you said so, and you do so! what a marvelous KING YOU ARE! we will forever fear you as God, forever put you FIRST in all we do, in all we ARE. thank you, thank you lord!

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