Saturday, April 14, 2012

True Fear is Freedom

Revelation 14.7
Fear God and give him glory!
yes lord we will! we will PUT YOU FIRST - that's what fear of you is! we will acknowledge you TO OURSELVES with all humility, that NOTHING WE ARE is POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU! thank you lord! from the smallest detail of our daily activities, from that sweet parking space to that just-in-time extra change in our pockets, to the biggest and most significant decisions of our lives! from every step we make that you save us from petty accidents with, to the fact that we are still breathing and we have our four limbs and all! thank you lord! for shielding us from everything we're not aware of and for gifting us with all we are, all the people around us, everything before and after us. thank you lord! we will OBEY YOU, PRIORITIZE YOU DEEP IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, because WITHOUT YOU WE ARE TRULY NOTHING!

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