Wednesday, August 06, 2014

More Of You

Joshua 10.11
God pitched huge stones on them out of the sky and many died. More died from the hailstones than the People of Israel killed with the sword.
truly lord our battles are always beyond us, beyond our control, and totally in your realm! thank you God that the victories are clearly won by you, the things we celebrate and rejoice over are purely by you, thank you lord for your ways that are so much higher than ours, so much more than what we could do, always best for our situation and circumstances because they are best for your good and perfect purposes. amazing how you go against anyone and anything that counters your will and your word for your design, for your purpose. thank you lord that as you will the best to happen for your intents and all, we get to latch on to the absolute best that rainfalls on us. amazing!

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