Sunday, August 10, 2014


Joshua 10.25
Joshua told them, "Don't hold back. Don't be timid. Be strong! Be confident! This is what God will do to all your enemies when you fight them."
yes, God, we will never be intimidated by whatever principality and power that presents itself against you and your will for us. thank you lord that you are the one fighting for us, making our words effective, purifying our thoughts and making sure we are graced to take your word for all it's worth and apply it in our lives. thank you lord that we will not let our fears hold us back from the great difference you have created us to make in this world. we will not let our insecurities rob us of the chance to be secure in you and actually start giving from within to everyone around us. we will let you keep working, keep having your way in us, and nothing the enemy does will ever be an issue. praise you, lord!

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