Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Joshua 11.4
They came out in full force, all their troops massed together - a huge army, in number like sand on an ocean beach - to say nothing of all the horses and chariots.
oh lord, truly the world's best is no match against you. all the principalities and powers, all those who call themselves kings and rulers who do everything to defy you and your plans. no matter how great and how big they are, no matter how full their force may seem, no matter how many troops they mass together - the hugest army we may ever see like sand on an ocean beach, they are nothing compared to you! they may have all the horses and chariots of the earth, but they are but a speck to the horses and chariots of heaven. thank you lord for giving us the right perspective, for setting our vision right. everything pales in comparison to you, and we have nothing to fear.

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