Friday, August 01, 2014

Loud And Clear

Joshua 9.24
We got the message loud and clear that God, your God, commanded through his servant Moses: to give you the whole country and destroy everyone living in it. We were terrified because of you
when you work, lord, everyone hears the message loud and clear. there is no confusion when it comes to you, the things you do, your ways, your best plan, your heart. even our enemies, those who go against your plan and try to kill, steal and destroy what you do, have nothing on us because they could never have anything on you! everyone bows down to your goodness, your perfect plans, your unmistakably gracious and generous call every single time. you will never turn against what you say, you will never be out of character, you are out clear moral compass, our one true north, one who shines the light that will never be blocked out by anyone, anything, situation or circumstance no matter how discouraging or unsettling in this world.

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