Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ask God About It

Joshua 9.14
ask God about it.
yes lord, whatever we decide on, we first check it with your word. whatever we agree to, relationships we enter, people and situations we say yes or no to, choices we make, we check first if it agrees with what you say, how you work, what you said about us, what you have done in the best. we will check if it is in your character, if it strikes a chord with our conscience, if it is in line with what you have revealed to us and people we trust your word with. we will keep ourselves sensitive to how the spirit prompts our hearts and trust you to the best our God-graced ability no matter trivial one matter may seem. just as you care about the little things, there is also no trivial decision when it comes to our lives from you. thank you lord for being so trustworthy.

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