Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Joshua 8.14
The king didn't know of the ambush set against him behind the city.
how amazing you work, oh God, the enemy won't know what hit him! you don't even have to life a finger, lord, anyone and anything that tries to go against your perfect will and perfect plan will simply not succeed, nothing will come of them, nothing will bear fruit, everything will be in vain because it's your rule that goes, it's your truth that reigns, it's your law that happens, it's your desire that comes through - every single time and in all aspects and all things, circumstances, right down to hearts and even where the rivers flow and the streams go. your plans are always good, and nothing bad will ever come near to those who call you their master, those you call your own. thank you, praise you, glorify you, honour you lord.

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