Thursday, July 17, 2014


Joshua 8.17
There wasn't a soul left in Ai or Bethel who wasn't out there chasing after Israel. The city was left empty and undefended as they were chasing Israel down.
even as our enemies chase us down, even as the enemy attacks they render themselves defeated! even as anyone who goes against your direction pursues their own plans, these plans already are some to fail right from the beginning! we truly, truly have nothing to fear when we pledge our allegiance to you, we have all your fruitfulness and goodness with us, we have your presence and your favour always with us, we have you as our cloud of shade and pillar of fire at all times - whether during our days of highs or nights of lows. thank you that even as you let your words of goodness go, they already render themselves victorious because that just how things really go - always bringing out the best from you for those who trust and love you. praise you praise you lord!

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