Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not A Word

Joshua 8.35
There wasn't a word of all that Moses commanded that Joshua didn't read to the entire congregation - men, women, children, and foreigners who had been with them on the journey.
not a single word missed, lord, not a single word kept from us, and not a single word will we keep from others around us. by your word we hear, by your word we live, by your word we believe, by your word we see. we will keep reading our lives to others as you deposit your word in us and let it bear fruit and make it grow and do its deed. thank you that because of your spirit we can understand you, we can know your heart, we can know how it is to love, how it is to give and be generous, how it is to trust, how it is to be joyful. thank you lord that there was never a word you commanded us that was not given to us, for it is only by your word that we could be and exist.

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