Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quickly.. Or Not

Joshua 8.19
At the signal the men in ambush sprang to their feet, ran to the city, took it, and quickly had it up in flames.
when you work lord it could be real quick or you could take longer than what we expect but one thing's for sure - it's always just right, just perfect, always exactly what we need when we need it, lord! when you work nothing gets in the way, nothing could delay or hasten because you are not limited by the realm of time. you do what you want and need to do as you see fit, so this lets us rest in you in deep gratitude that when we belong to you and love your life out for us, we know that things that are seemingly delayed are not consequential in the now. we know that there is never a slip-up in your plans, and no matter how otherwise it seems while we wait, everything happens at the best time and for your best purpose.

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