Sunday, July 27, 2014

Written and Living

Joshua 8.32
He also wrote out a copy of The Revelation of Moses on the stones. He wrote it with the People of Israel looking on.
by your word that we understand through what you reveal to us, we get to be set free into fully obeying you, fully becoming your own. as we let your word permeate every detail of our lives, we get to write your word out in our very existence. thank you that what you write in our lives is out in the open for everyone to see. the love that you have for us becomes the love that we have for each other so that everyone else around us gets to know you, gets to know that you are the one we follow, gets to know that we are only able to do such great things and great acts of love because of the one who loves us first. all of this is possible only because of your word. thank you lord for writing it in our hearts and in our lives.

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